The Adoption Profile Network


The Adoption Profile Network is a National Web Based entry portal designed to be used by Adoption Workers responsible for  children waiting for a forever family , and the Adoption Workers responsible for the forever families looking to adopt.  

The Adoption Profile Network is the result of the work performed by a group of adoption workers and adoptive parents through The Child Profile Project conducted in North Carolina in 2013. The Child Profile Project was an effort to provide Adoption Workers with a Child Profile template that allowed greater input from the child’s community connections, as well as incorporating photo and video  presentations to give potential adopted families a better understanding of the child they were considering.

The Child Profile:

The Child Profile is created through the Adoption Profile Network. This network is for the adoption professionals use only. The network allows the Adoption Worker to create a dramatically different child profile, manage the child’s adoption journey, and match potential adoptive families. This service is provided free of charge to all public agencies responsible for the creation of child profiles and task of finding forever families for waiting children.

To use this site, all the agency has to do is register. Our team has designed the system to allow almost immediate use with limited training required. If you are a County, State or public Social worker interested in learning more about our network please contact us with any questions you may have.

The Family Profile:

The Family Profile is created through the Adoption Profile Network. This network is for the adoption professionals use only. The network allows Adoption Workers responsible for conducting adoption home studies to enter families into the system, manage matches, and facilitate communications between the child’s Social Worker and the families adoption worker. 

To use this site, the Private Adoption and/or Foster Care Agency will be required to register with the network. Our team has designed the system to allow almost immediate use with limited training required. All Families are required to have a completed and active Adoption Home Study to be eligible for entry into the site. Although there is no charge for the agency to register and have access to the site, The Adoption Profile Network does charge a fee to submit a family profile.

If you are an adoptive family looking to adopt from the foster care system, please contact your agency that conducted your Adoption Home Study and ask them to register and submit your profile to the Adoption Profile Network.

The Match:

Our team began to realize early on that with the creation of such an extensive national data base for children waiting to be adopted, The Adoption Profile Project could also be a catalyst to Match waiting Children with potential adoptive families automatically. We set off to develop a system that would potentially connect children with families. It is important that the matching process is broad enough to capture all potential families, yet specifically defined to help narrow the potential matches as to not overwhelm the Child’s adoption worker.  

The Network automatically searches for matches every time a child or family is entered into the network. If a potential match is found, the system automatically sends contact information to the Child’s Social Worker as well as the Adoptive Family Social Worker. Each worker can view a breakdown of the matching criteria to evaluate the potential match. If the Child’s Social Worker feels the potential family is a good candidate for their child, they can request a Home Study and send the Child Profile through the Network.  

All Adoptive Families feel the anxiety of not knowing the outcome after you submit your Home Study for a potential child. They Network is designed to help the Adoptive Families receive timely feedback about their potential selection as a match, or not a match, for that child. Our hope is to bring some clarity to the matching process.

The child’s adoption Social Worker, the Adoption Committee, the Adoptive Home Study, and the final family interviews are still the tools used to select the family for the child. The Adoption Profile Network is designed to help the adoption professionals facilitate that Match.

The Team:

Seven Homes would like to acknowledge the dedicated group of foster care and adoption professionals, system developers, graphic artist, and adoptive parents who made this project a reality. First, we want to thank the team at the Sales Factory, Jessica Holke, Kristin Russo, Jack Ketrow, and Alex Hale, who through the CreateAthon donated their services to create the Child Profile design and artwork. Second, we want to recognize the adoption workers in North Carolina who helped guide the functionality of the site. The members of this group are