Adoption Profile Network Registration

Thank you for taking the time to register with the Adoption Profile Network.
NOTE1: If you are a supervisor, please be sure to click the "Supervisor?" Check Box.
NOTE 2: If you are a Private Agency, please make sure you click the "Private Agency" Check Box.

Please check the "Supervisor?" YES  below IF you are a supervisor for your organization.  Once you have finished the registration process, you will be contacted by the administrator to validate no one has entered your information unlawfully.  Once verified, you will be given an authorization code to give to those you supervise and will be using the Adoption Profile Network System.  The individuals you supervise will then register using this same registration link but will enter the Authorization Code you have been given by the Adoption Profile Network Administrator.   

PLEASE NOTE: If there will be other supervisors registering within your organization with direct reports, they will receive their own individual Authorization Code that they will distribute to their direct reports once they register as a supervisor.  Please do not give this code to anyone other than those that report to you and that will be entering Child Profiles. 

If you are a privately owned entity, please check the "YES" for Private Agency, below. 

(County, Township, Parish, Borough, Village, etc.) Example: Bossier Parish, Rockingham County, Haines Borough, etc.